Cafes & Bars

Cafes & Bars

Bagsitt in garden cafe with two ladies and her bagsIt’s a busy venue, lots of customers and a few spills.
Most of your clients pay an awful lot for a bag and really dislike placing it down on the ground.  How can they relax if they have to sit holding their bag?

You may have a ‘Specials’ board inside but can the people sitting outside see it?

Do you rely on your staff to promote and remember to tell the customers about the goods they can’t see?

Take your message directly to your customer.

Placed beside the table or wall mounted both indoors and outside.
Bagsitt provides the hygienic, hassle free solution for your customer’s possessions, saving trip hazards for staff whilst providing a convenient opportunity for you to give the customer your message.

Relaxed customers are the happy customers who come back and bring their friends.